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About Us

Charmingnecklace - Your personalized jewelry online store.

Charmingnecklace is a gift customization store that promotes diversity, freedom and connection and encourages users to express themselves and convey love. Our goal is to create a statement piece that unleashes personal emotion and self-awareness for each individual. We believe that everyone is born with a different identity, and the core of each identity is the self, therefore - you are your own best designer.
We pride ourselves in taking care of each step of our process from design to being wrapped with love, before your keepsake gets to you. We are committed to working with high standards of sustainability and ethical responsibility at all steps.

As an international retailer of personalized and customized gifts, Getnamenecklace is dedicated to making it possible for everyone to create personal keepsakes of considerable sentimental value. Founded in 2019, we sell our products to over 150 countries worldwide. With high quality guaranteed, you can find all the gifts you need for your everyday life at the most affordable prices, including beautiful personalized name necklaces, gemstone rings, one-of-a-kind custom gifts and special gifts with emotional meaning to meet your diverse gift needs.

As our brand has evolved over the years, our mission and vision have remained the same. Celebrating life’s most special moments that mean the most to you and your loved ones will always be our number one priority as a community and a brand.

We're set to continue creating meaningful jewelry at attainable prices and remain one of the leading personalized jewelry brands in the global jewelry industry.

Why shopping with us?
The Latest Design
Every designer in our team has professional fashion insight and experience working with personalization. They are sensitive to the latest trends, focus on excellence and strive to present each gift in the most perfect condition. That's why customers of all ages will find their favorites here, and you'll find everything you need at Charmingnecklace.
Guaranteed Processing
Sourcing materials from industry-leading manufacturers, all products are handmade and machine-made treasures, including careful material selection, advanced production capabilities and intricate handcrafting. In particular, every detail and decoration you see on our gifts is made by technicians with more than 5 years of experience. When you receive the goods, you will be amazed at such quality and price.
Comprehensive Quality Assurance
Products are the core of our company, and quality is the root of our products. Adhering to this production philosophy, we employ professional quality inspectors to closely monitor the production process - once defects are found, we will make changes and modifications in a timely manner to ensure that our products undergo multiple quality tests before they are put on the shelves.